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Rank Requirements

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1Rank Requirements Empty Rank Requirements on Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:21 pm


Originally posted by Bosko.

These are not permanent, they are just a guideline for now.

Zombie- 30m + build
Spider- 2h + GOOD build
ZombiePigman- 6h + DETAILED build
Skeleton - 12h + Trust
Ghast - 32h + trust
Creeper(trail Mod) - 55h + trust
Blaze(moderator) - 80h + trust
Enderman (op) - 100h + trust + knowledge of commands + application

Herobrine - 135h + trust + Application

That is all for now, there are going to be more ranks added also. And for the ops that are ranking , make sure you know what a detailed build is supposed to look like, and don't give ranks because you feel bad, no one wins that way. If anyone has any questions just post them as reply! thanks!


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