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~Magic Craft~ is a Minecraft Classic server that is growing in potential to becoming the best Minecraft Classic server ever.

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*sigh* Capricide. What an ass. First he insults people on the server, next he does it on the site. His only response to any insult was, "ur mom." Any of his own posts were comprised of insults based upon emoticons and visual commentary to a response or message directed at him. He couldnt defend an argument for his life and tried to make up for it by continuously saying, "you're only proving me right." He thought he was the best in the server because he dug a large hole and had it zoned. He thought others builds were terrible and that his pointless, repetitive, absolutely Childish castles and shit were michaelangelo-quality. He insults me for making statues, but at least I filled a world with them. His world was so desperate for creations that he had to open it as an extra raptor. The spawn wasnt even decent. Concluding, with the attitude he has and the hours of Video game playing time which comes from, "homeschool," I dont think he will make it very far in real life at all.

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