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~Magic Craft~ is a Minecraft Classic server that is growing in potential to becoming the best Minecraft Classic server ever.

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1 Year of MagicCraft!

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1 1 Year of MagicCraft! on Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:29 pm


Well, I am back to celebrate MagicCraft's first year of existence! I rmember me first joining last year this time of the month. We were all happy, and all had great times. Sadly it did not last long, and things have turned for the worst, but hey, we still have friends on here right? If you guys want, you can always come and talk to me at almost any time on the Acheron Gaming forum (http://acherongaming.com/). My username on their is "~Smunches". Not trying to advertise but you guys should come on there and play on one of their servers so we can still have fun together like the good ole times. Anyway, I hope the one year of MagicCraft has been good to you, and if not then I hope 2013 is better for you.

~daniel12913 (Smunches) What a Face

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