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New Sandwich!

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1 New Sandwich! on Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:07 am


Hello, all. Recently my father told me of a sandwich that is apparently popular in England. It is a cheese and pickle sandwich, and for the record it tastes very good. Also I learned that a popular Belgian custom is to put mayonnaise on fries (chips, in England). It also tastes very good. Apparently also fries (chips) were invented in Belgium, not France. So why do we have only knock-offs of other countries' foods? Well, I have a solution. Ill call it the waffle-icecream sandwich! Stick a brick of icecream between two waffles! Hotness and coldness served on a-*looks at Canadian restaurant menu* Shit! Canada beat me to it! Forget the U.S. I'm going back to Coboconk!

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